Creating OneNote single file packages, archiving & notebook templates

I am not sure if I have blogged about this before but you can easily create single file archives for entire notebooks, sections or pages in OneNote. This will include all of the embedded files, the notes, audio & video and section groups, everything all together like a zip file. We call them OneNote Packages, or single file package, the file extension is .onepkg.

Why would you create .onepkg
files? Well there a few reasons why you might do this. First of all you can easily archive an entire notebook for future keeping. You can also use these to send a notebook or collection of notes to another colleague. Finally you can create notebook templates for projects or other repeatable projects.

How do you create .onepkg files? Easy! Just open OneNote 2007, go to the notebook/section/etc that you want to archive and choose File-->Save As. In the resulting dialog change the Page Range to whatever you want to save, typically Current Notebook. Then choose Save as type: OneNote Single File Package (*.onepkg)

and then type a file name, like this:

Choose Save and you will have the file for your package!


How do I create new notebook templates? You can easily install new notebook templates by storing your .onepkg files in the following folder:

    %userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Just place the .onepkg in there and then it will appear in the new notebook wizard when a user choose File-->New Notebook. You can also store them system-wide, like when you are deploying OneNote to many computers, by storing the file here:

%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\ONENOTE\12\Notebook Templates

Note that the 1033 folder is for English, check your local computer for your LCID = language ID.

Comments (10)

  1. Back during the development of OneNote 2003 the team had customers send in their paper notes. You can

  2. Jeanette says:

    This page did not help me at all. All I want to to is to use a template for meeting management which I have downloaded and extracted from the MS templates page, and I still can’t use the template.  I give up.  

  3. Mags Ingval says:


    thanks for posting this.  The answer was so simple that I should have slapped myself for not figuring it out.

    I can, and will be using templates more often now.

  4. Mark Payton says:

    One problem I have run into with this and every other method of getting notebooks out to new systems has to do with page templates. The notebook I want to share has one section that needs a specific page template. Even when I copy My into the proper location and copy the notebook to the new computer, the page in that secion does not use the template. Rather it uses the default OneNote page. I can select that template as the default, since it exists on the computer, and it will be used going forward. Is there a way to copy/distribute a notebook and template such that the template default starts out set correctly?

  5. Mark – Thanks for your comment, this will not work because we have a special GUID for the page templates and when you move pages that GUID gets updated.  Sorry

  6. Luis says:


    Tried your tutorial, however, I get a "Onenote cannot create c:…..You may not have sufficient permissions or hard disk space."

    -My account is admin

    -not using sharepoint or external publish site

    -tried to save to desktop then move to template directory….still get same error.

    Any suggestions?

  7. cmharden says:


    I want to create a template notebook that my co-workers can use (as well as myself). How can I make the .onepkg file available to others on my shared network?


  8. Nicolai says:

    Could anyone tell me how to open this file?

    i saved my notes for school as this "file form" Then i wantet to open this on another computer, and i couldn’t. I was only able to open the first sektion of my notes within the file

    How can i open the whole package ? and not only a little part ( wich i didn’t choose )  

  9. Brad says:

    Neat!  How the !@#$ do you open the damn thing?

  10. Derrick Focht says:

    If I give the saved Package to someone else.  And then want to add to their notebook later, we are not shared, what is the best way to add the new info into thier notebook?

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