is out of beta, Call for Free & bird’s eye view

Nice job team, you all are out of beta and released! If you all haven't used in awhile I highly recommend it, the search is much improved and wicked fast. One small feature that I love is the ability to have Live Local give me a call for when I search for restaurants , see here:

1 Have call YOU

I guess that means I have entered the ultimate laziness when I can't even pick up the phone and I prefer to have this call me, and you can have it remember your number which is sweet. BTW if you are in Redmond, check out Bento Box it is great!

One final feature on Live Local is the Bird's Eye view, which allows you to see 3D satellite picture of a location, see here:

2 My building, I am in there somewhere

When I first saw this feature I thought it was just eye candy, which it is, but it give you the ability to look for parking and see traffic flows. I actually had to go somewhere, used this bird's eye view to see just where the parking lot was and alternative locations. You just can't do that without the overlay.

Congrats team!

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