Just the other day I got an email from AdminID from the OneNotePowerToys and NoteTalkers websites. He just started a community blog for OneNote called Here are the details about it:

Welcome to

This is a "community blog" experiment hosted by AdminID and Sid of OneNotePowerToys and NoteTalkers.

Anyone can sign-up to be an Author and create posts.

Check it out and make sure to comment. I would love to see something like this hosted on OneNote, but the problem is that we need a UNC/WebDAV/SharePoint server that is available to everyone. If anyone knows of a hosting site that does this, allows for completely anonymous access, please let me know. I can do this on SharePoint and the 'editors' can use Passport/Windows Live to login and edit and everyone else can view. That might be interesting too. In either event please check out AdminID's site.

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