My One and Only OneNote

I love this team & I love OneNote! This morning I was sitting in my office doing some work and my coworker said, "Are you listening to that song too?" "No I said," and then he told me that our test manager, Mike Tholfsen, had send out a song he wrote for OneNote and it was sitting in my inbox. I just couldn't believe it, I know that Mike had a guitar in his office and he claimed he made a song about Outlook, but this was just too cool. I listened to the song and then a bunch of other people came into my office and we were all listening to it. I have to admit I was even humming it throughout the day, I really enjoy it.

This was just too cool not to share it with you all, so without further ado, I present: My One and Only OneNote
(mp3, 3.37megs)

My One and Only OneNote


Let me tell you 'bout my favorite application
A software notebook for the modern age
One place for all of your notes
Put any type of content on the digital page

A flexible tool that works the way you do
Organize your stuff how you want to
Brainstorms or meeting notes or doing web research
Capture, find, share and re-use

No other software can make me feel this way

My one and only OneNote
My one and only OneNote
My one and only OneNote
It's the one for me

Use a shared notebook for group collaboration 
Or start a live sharing session with your friends
Like a rich wiki with merge and replication
Everyone's in sync when the meeting ends

Tables, tags, clippings, instant search and lasso
Drawing tools, embedded files and hyperlinks
XML APIs and caching all your data
Outlook integration and digital ink

No other software can make me feel this way

My one and only OneNote
My one and only OneNote
My one and only OneNote
It's the one for me

It's part of the 2007 Office System
Download OneNote for a 60 day trial
Give it a chance and I promise you
It will change the way you work and leave you with a smile

No other software can make me feel this way

My one and only OneNote
My one and only OneNote
My one and only OneNote
It's the one for me

Music and Lyrics by Mike Tholfsen ©2006 – Permanent home here

Nice work Mike! Enjoy everyone and please post your feedback below

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  1. Mike, our Test Manager and singer/songwriter for My One and Only OneNote, sends us a round-up of the…

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  3. Kristen says:

    I hope you don’t mind that plan to play your song for the teachers that I’m training on OneNote. What a great way to perk up training and get them excited about the program!

  4. Kathy Pauly says:


    Like Kristen, I am doing a training on OneNote for teachers.  Do I have permission to use your song and lyrics?  It will be a great way to start my presentation.


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