Good documentation? What have you liked?

I am looking for any pointers to some well documented APIs. I have been getting more requests for information on the OneNote 2007 import/export API and I would like to have an example of a great API that I can look to for examples. My question for you all is what is a good API? What is something you have felt like you got all of the information that you needed to program against the API?

My personal experience has always been to search on the web for examples and specifics and also to try things out myself. I can't just write 100 lines of code without testing it. I usually do this small iterative approach to see what works and what doesn't. Maybe that is how everyone works, that would be interesting to see how master programs actually do it. Maybe some anthropologists did this already, but I digress.

What is a good API? Was the OneNote 2003 import API well documented? Please give me feedback on the current articles What's New for Developers in OneNote 2007 (Part 1 of 2) & What's New for Developers in OneNote 2007 (Part 2 of 2). Thank you!

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  1. OneNoteGuy says:

    Make sure there are more than one example. It is very frustrating to look at a single example and it not be clear. Also it is poor documentation to have multiple sections explaining different methods pointing to the same example. Again if I did not understand GetHierarchy example, and I then look up openHierarchy and see the same example just pointing to line 3 instead of line 2 I probably will not understand either methods.

    Also do not show example code and leave out key pieces of code. For example when you say " you can use GetHierarchy to get a section objectID  and demo how to do a createpage, you are assuming I know how to use GetHierarcy in the mode you expected.  Ok, gethierarchy is simple example, but image you say you can use UpdateHierarchy to create a new page content and your base example has them condfused, then the method you are really explaining is no good because I can not get the page content change.

  2. Dave says:

    Is "What’s New for Developers in OneNote 2007" the ONLY doc for the COM object model? Thanks, Dave

  3. Dave – Yes this is the only documenation other than what is on my blog.  If you have specific questions please let me know.

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