Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta 2 Available!

Fresh out of the build lab and online.  Go and get it from the Microsoft Download Center:

Windows XP:
Windows XP x64:
Windows Server 2003:
Windows Server 2003 x64:

You will need this with Office 2007 B2TR and search is SOOO much better with this build of WDS & OneNote 2007 B2TR.  Check it out...the coverage that I have seen this far has been interesting:

Windows Desktop Search 3.0 beta 2 released

Yawn... New Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta 2 Released

Windows Desktop Search 3.0 beta 2 is live!

Comments (12)

  1. Erik Paul says:

    Do you recommend I install this before the ON TR comes out?  I.E., should I tell my users group to install this tonight, or wait till ON B2TR comes out?

  2. Well if you want WDS to have the search UI, better performance and battery management then you should go ahead and install now.  I am not sure how well Office 2007 Beta 2 will work with WDS 3.0 Beta2 (because we haven’t tested this).  So if you really want search to be better overall please go for the update and then search might not work as well in the Office Beta2 apps.  However if you want to keep your search experience the same in Office Beta2 then wait until B2TR comes out.

    I hope that is clear.  To be honest though most people had problems with search so updating WDS wouldn’t hurt things.  Let us know if you have more questions.

  3. Wictor Wilen says:

    Finally an update to the beta of Windows Desktop Search 3.0. The user interface is back, looking like the 2.6 version, and it works really nice.

    Looks like the problems with Outlook 2007 and One N…

  4. Great! Seems like Desktop Search kills my processor on and off. Now if only Tech Refresh will drop…..

    Patiently waiting.

  5. I just saw the post here thanks to ZDNet:  Microsoft plans on Thursday to release an updated test…

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