Latest round of what bloggers are saying about OneNote 2007

Mike, our Test Manager, reads more information than I do and he collected the following posts about OneNote 2007 so I thought I would send them along! Thanks Mike!


Former MS Blog Guru, Robert Scoble's exit interview
"Here's another way to look at it: today you can go to Google, search "OneNote blog" and find Chris Pratley who runs the OneNote team. You can leave him a comment and tell him you think his product sucks. And you can see how he, and his team, reacts to that".

"Much as I like (Office) 2007, I am sorely tempted to return to 2003, except that OneNote is sooooo bloody good in the 2007 version"  

"Getting Things Done with OneNote12" 

Fairly in-depth ON2007 review by blogger, with good feedback on shared notebooks and sharing sessions  

"One of the coolest features in OneNote 207 is the ability to link to just about anything!

"My favourite bits so far? OneNote 2007

"Technology for Teachers"  

"The main subject of this post is leveraging the extendability of OneNote. Or "it's really easy to fix OneNote to suit your needs."


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