OneNote @ the Microsoft Office System Developers Conference

I was just looking at the Office MSDN site and I saw that they have a section up there for the Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006, including videos.  I was honoured to speak at this conference and I introduced the OneNote API for the first time.  I just saw that my video was posted online, see here:

Office Developer Center > Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 > Client apps:

CD310—OneNote 2007: Introducing OneNote Programmability and How To Develop Solutions and Extensions

Presenter: Daniel Escapa; 61 minutes (202 MB)
Get an introduction to the new OneNote 2007 API, now offering full data export/import and automation functionality.

Just click on the link and it will download/open the WMV of my presentation.  You can't see me, thankfully, but you can see my slides, the demos and a voiceover explaining it all.  Please excuse me if I sound nervous this was my first presentation and I wasn't sure how I was going to do.  Please check this out, I also heard from some people that they wanted to see demo code, you can see the samples here in the video and I also have the code posted here: OneNote 2007 API Sample Code & Demos from TechEd.  Yes I did just copy a lot of samples from one conference to the next : )

If you just want to learn about the API please go to 11:10 where I end the product demo and go into the API.

Comments (4)

  1. Kris says:

    I watched the video. It was very fascinating. Thanks for sharing the samples.  Looking forward to more samples.

  2. If you all have requests for samples please let me know and I will keep releasing them!

  3. Pedro says:

    I have a request to Descapa, could you post a sample code of making a addin for onenote 2007.

  4. The addins weren’t working in OneNote 2007 Beta2 but they will be in the B2TR release.  I will have documentation available once B2TR is released.

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