What I am beta testing…

What I am currently beta testing:

  1. Office 2007
  2. Windows Vista
  3. Office Communicator 2007
  4. Mozilla Firefox / Bon Echo 2.0
  5. Windows Internet Explorer 7.0
  6. Windows Desktop Search 3.0
  7. Exchange 12 (for the backend)
  8. My own OneNote PowerToys

I love trying new software, it is great!  If you have other suggestions about what I should try please let me know!

Comments (4)

  1. Erik Paul says:

    My favorite is gmail for your domain.  I own some domains and it is nice to have the gmail webmail linked to these domains (since i don’t have the money for exchange).  All of the other free email providers would be smart to follow suit.  They would also be smart to mimick the labels and conversations–those are just life-savers (as a medical student, I recieved over 5000 legit emails last year).


  2. scottdotnot says:

    where do you get Office Communicator 2007?  Do you have Office Communications server also?

  3. I don’t believe that Communicator is a public beta and I know that the company is beta testing the LCS server as well which is what I am using.  You might want to try and find a blog about OC or LCS and ask them : )  Good luck!

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