– Find out what you heard on the radio this morning

I just read about which is a great tool to help you find out what you may have heard on the radio this morning.  Just some thoughts on this:

  1. I love it!  This reminds me of the Sprint service where you could do this before.  I even remember there was a place where you could hold the phone up to the speaker and it would figure it out.  This is all very cool.
  2. I love the UI on the site (see below). It is all very pretty and it just works pretty easily, zip then click on the station.  Then it ends up going to showing you minute by minute what was on the radio.  Plus the UI is just fun, I enjoy being @ this site.
  3. I don't like that is only works with iTunes.  It would be cool if there was a musicservice:// and then you could have more than one app use this instead of just iTunes and instead you could shop around.  Heck maybe Zune will be doing cool stuff like this, I don't know but I read Gizmodo waiting to find out!

I really want them to do more mashups and show what is playing across the country and where.  I just wish there was more of this information out there, is this top 40 song more popular in one region compared to another?  How does the music spread?  I am afraid some of this information may not be as interesting any more as the music industry (ClearChannel) has consolidated and they are all together in one company and they broadcast in many markets.  Maybe they could should this 'spread' of music for smaller stations and public radio.  Who knows.

Finally the UI which I love...

See the stations overlaid over the zip-code (98052 for Redmond, WA)...and then here is what it looks like for your radio station:

Just a shot out to my favourite radio station: C89.5 (Seattle's best radio station imho). 


A final note on this post, they are getting their info from: MediaGuide.  I guess they are a provider of this information which is pretty interesting, I think even Windows Media Player uses them, quite interesting.

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