Word 2007 Blogging: inserting a photo which already exists

The other day I was blogging and I wanted to insert a photo that already was online and I had the URL for it. I was wondering if in Word I could insert a <img> tag so that I could easily link to the photo. Well I found that you can do this in Word 2007 with their blogging feature!


Go to Insert-->Picture and then paste in the URL but before you click Insert click the little drop down on the right-hand side and choose "Link to File" just like this:

Now when you post this you will have a link to the original image! Nice work all!

Comments (2)

  1. David says:

    Nice work, except . . . it doesn’t seem to work.  I tried it with some images from Flickr, and they don’t show up in my Typepad blog at all.

  2. There might have been a problem with Word Beta2, I am using newer builds of Word which might have fixed this.  Please try again once there is a new release.  Sorry for getting your hopes up.

    Also please check out Joe’s blog here:


    And submit feedback to him : )  Thanks for the comment

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