RSS Send to OneNote :: Omar Shahine’s PowerToy

I wanted to comment on Omar Shahine's
RSS Send to OneNote PowerToy that he released a few weeks ago. I just thought I would spend some time and show some screenshots of this in action. You can download it here. He too was another of the OneNote PowerToy Contest Winner, now that we have blogged about all of the external winners (of those who have written back) I would like to talk about the internal ones like Omar's.


The main screen looks like this:


Then you click on the "Sent to OneNote" button and that will open OneNote and import all of those blog posts. Note that the first time you do this you need to specify to which section you want the posts to go. I would recommend your Side Notes section for OneNote 2003 or the Unfiled Notes for OneNote 2007.


Now you have this in OneNote:



Now because of this you can easily take your RSS feed with you and browse it in OneNote.


Nice work Omar! I also wanted to comment that Omar has been a great help to the OneNote team and we really appreciate all of hard work he has done. Thanks again Omar.

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