Word2OneNote – PowerToy Contest Winner

I would like to announce another winner of the OneNote PowerToy Contest: Word2OneNote by Brad Covelle! Here is the post from Brad:

Finally, after quite a few months my PowerToy is released to the public. I was hesitant to publish it without approval by Microsoft but that has been given to me and here it is. This PowerToy will work with Word 2003 and OneNote 2003.

It has not been tested heavilty with the 2007 Microsoft Office versions of these applications. I attempted to get it to work with them but there were problems with the DataImporter library and possibly with the beta versions of the Office products as well. I have provided the source in case you want to take a stab at getting it to work with the beta Office products. Otherwise, once the RTM code becomes available I will update it to work with the 2007 Office products. This version will install on Word 2007 beta 2 but may not import correctly into OneNote 2007 beta 2.

Please let me know if you have issues installing or running it.


Source Files - For Developers

I just tried to install this on Windows Vista Beta2 and I kept getting errors about the .Net framework not being installed properly, so I think that might be a Vista problem. I did get this working on Windows XP with Office 2003 (Word & OneNote).

User Guide & installation:

  1. Download the Installer and run it.
  2. Run Word

You will now have a new toolbar button in Word that looks like this:

You can then send the selected text or documents over to OneNote, here is an example of sending selected text:

I would check out Brad's blog and if you have questions you could direct them to him. But what is even better is that you could download the source and try things yourself (as long as you abide by his terms of use/EULA).

In any even this is a great powertoy, nice work Brad!

Comments (6)

  1. Brad Covelle says:

    Thanks Dan. I appreciate the post.

  2. Slave 2 Pc says:

    For some bizzar reason I can’t seem to download the installer.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Interesting, I don’t know I can’t seem to get the files either.  Brad hosts these files and you can contact him via his blog see here:


    Good luck and let us know if you figure it out.

  4. John says:

    Has anyone gotten this working for Word and OneNote 2007?

  5. Matthew says:

    Hi.  I tried to install the program and it looked like it did so, but I do not see the OneNote button in Word 2003.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a way to make the button show up?




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