Ink for Word

I just read the following from Ink for Word

Write all over your documents

Ink for Word is an addon to Microsoft Word that brings enhanced annotation support to Word documents. Using a Tablet PC or other writing device, you can mark up your documents by writing comments in the margins and underlining words in the body of the document. As you change the document, all of your marks move with your text.

Ink for Word also enables you to change documents with the pen. You can mark up a page with standard proof-reading marks, and the marks are instantly understood and applied to the document.

Let’s see it

See Ink for Word in action in this video demo. The software is an early pre-alpha build.

Watch the video
7.75MB 2m 8s
1264×512, requires sound


Hopefully they will have something released in the near future!

Comments (2)

  1. If you want to try something like this now, Loren Heiny released his program "Ink Gestures" a few months back. You can check it out at

  2. Thanks for the link, this is very cool!

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