OneSnap – PowerToy Contest Winner

I have been working with Andrew Wheeler over the past few months to test out his OneNote PowerToy and I am proud to announce that is available! Andrew has been working on a program called OneSnap that allows your easily capture information from Internet Explorer and directly import it into OneNote.

Using OneSnap

Using Internet Explorer, find a page you'd like to save:

Click the OneSnap "camera" icon:


This will pop up the OneSnap's main dialog:


The most important controls on this dialog are the Folder list and the Section list. Use these lists to select the OneNote section where you want to import the new page. The Folder list represents your notebook's directory structure - for each folder in your notebook there's a corresponding entry in the Folder list.

When you select a folder, OneSnap populates the Section list with the sections that are in folder's sections.

For example, if I wanted to import a page into the Cars section of my Shopping folder, I'd first select the Shopping folder:


     And then the Cars section:


After selecting your folder and section, review the Page Title, and, if you'd like, add a Comment. Finally, when you click OK, OneSnap will import the page. When this happens OneSnap will automatically scroll through the page, taking "screenshots" of the page as it scrolls. OneSnap then stitches all the screenshots together and imports the page - along with the title, comments, and a link to the original page:           


Nice work Andrew!

Comments (13)

  1. Patrick Schmid says:

    Does it work with OneNote 2007?

  2. UMPC Buzz says:

    OneSnap is a new OneNote PowerToy announced today. A camera icon resides on the toolbar; clicking this…

  3. Yes this does work with OneNote 2007!  There are issues where on Beta2 the text will overlap with title area and we hope to fix that with a later release of OneNote 2007.  Great question Patrick!

  4. I love OneNote, I use it for so many things, webcasts, meetings, brain storming, note taking during…

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