Favourite feature #2: Save As for images and Win-S screen clippings

Another new feature in OneNote 2007 that I wanted to point out is the ability to save an image directly from OneNote.  No more needing to copy the image and paste it into MS Paint/image app and then save the file.  No, now you can save directly from OneNote, check it out:

Just right-click on the image and choose to Save As, just as easy as that.  I use this all of the time.

Also you all should know about Win-S which is a way to create a screen clipping, just hit Win-S, select what you want and then save from OneNote, saves me so much time on a daily basis.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Comments (4)

  1. erik paul says:

    I like the win-s, but I would like to customize it a little–such as, I would like to have the picture sent to the clipboard instead of a side note.  This would be VERY useful for me.  Without this,  I still just use the "screen clipping" tool.

  2. Andy Lin says:

    You can customize it. Right-click the OneNote tray icon and set the options from the menu.

  3. asbjoerna says:

    Sounds like a handy feature! Would be really nice if it was also possible to email an image that way – ie. simply right-clicking it and selecting Send to mail recipient.

    Perhaps something worth considering?


    – Asbjoern

  4. Kitanomaru says:

    I love ON but …. Saving just an image from OneNote is not an additional feature because any ink that you write onto the image is not saved along with the image. You have to edit the image, or take a screen clipping using the Snipping Tool or win s. So it would be easier to just use the Snipping Tool to begin with!

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