Submitting Watson Crash inforamtion

Have you ever seen a crash dialog while using a beta product (and maybe even some released products)?  It looks something like this:

(I actually had to go back to an old build to find this dialog).

However when you see this in Beta2 please make sure to click on the "Send Error Report" button because this will send inforamtion to us, and on the next prompt click on "Continue" to send the data to us.  We go through those reports to see what is casuing major problems in the product.

If you submit a bug on the Connect site regarding a crash please make sure to include your Watson bucket number.  What is a Watson bucket number?  Well when you click on that "Send Error Report" it will actually talk to a server about your problem and then determine if we need more inforamtion and then you get a number back to say what your problem was, that is the number we need when you submit you bugs.

How to find your Watson bucket number:

  1. Start-->Run, type "eventvwr" and hit enter
  2. Click on the Application section

  3. Now look for a pair of items for an Error and Information and the Source will be "Microsoft Office 12"

  4. Double-click/open the Information item
  5. In the Description it will start with Bucket XXXX, where XXXX is your number.

There you are, just use that bug when you submit the problem to us via the OneNote Connect site.

For more infomration about Watson please see here: Watson by Chris Pratley

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