Visual Studio 2010 RTM Uninstall Utility is now available

You can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Uninstall Utility to remove/clean up all the products installed with Visual Studio 2010 RTM (English) from your computer.Check out the link for instructions on how to run the tool. If you have multiple Visual Studio 2010 products installed on your machine (Professional and C# Express for example), this utility will…


InstallShield Limited Edition is available for download in Visual Studio 2010.

The InstallShield 2010 Limited Edition is a free version of InstallShield for Visual Studio developers that replaces the functionality provided by the Visual Studio setup and deployment projects.   Here are some highlights of the product: •         Use Visual Studio to create installation projects for applications built with Visual Studio. •         Build your installation projects…


Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 RTM released!

We are proud to annouce that Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 have RTMd! Available links: VS Ultimate, Premium or Professional RTM versions: Express editions: .Net Framework 4: The are ISO images and web installers available for download. After your download is complete it’s recommended that you check the CRC and SHA1 hash values…


When installing or repairing Visual Studio from ISO file, a prompt for source or an error may occur due to files not being accessible after a reboot in the middle of setup

If you are installing or repairing Visual Studio from ISO file, the tool you are using to mount the image may not automatically mount it again after a reboot, if this is the case setup won’t be able to find its files and will prompt for them or fail. To complete your installation: ·        You…


Trying to repair or uninstall VS2008 gives an error message “A problem has been encountered while loading the setup components. Cancelling setup”

If launching VS2008 Maintenance Mode is showing the following error dialog “A problem has been encountered while loading the setup components. Cancelling setup” please check out this article written by Heath (DTG team member) Please make sure you start VS setup from Add/Remove Programs (ARP) instead of your DVD, this is because the patch to fix…


Going from VS Beta to VS RC or to VS RTM

Some people have asked me and I’ve also seen this question in the MSDN installation forums (Visual Studio 2010 Install and Setup): Q: What’s the setup experience if I have a pre-release version of VS on my machine and I’d like to upgrade to the newest released version? Answer: You will need to go through…


Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 log collection utility

Hi all, If you are experiencing any issues installing Visual Studio 2010 or .Net Framework 4, please use the Collect tool to gather your setup logs and send us a link to the generated cab file for us to investigate. Thanks!


Visual Studio 2010 RC setup UI disappears or gives an error on Windows XP

We’ve seen some people reporting issues on VS2010 RC setup UI disappearing or giving an error after clicking Next on Welcome page or Options page. If you are experiencing this issue, please check out which may help you workaround the problem. This issue has been mostly manifesting on Windows XP SP3 systems with handwriting recognition enabled. If you are…


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Release Candidate available!

Hi everyone! Visual Studio 2010 RC and .Net Framework 4 RC have been released this week!!! Here are the direct links you need to get any of the Visual Studio 2010 RC editions: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Visual Studio 2010 Premium Visual Studio 2010 Professional These are available in ISO format, after your download is…


.NET Framework 3.5 Beta2 available for download

.NET Framework 3.5 Beta2 is available for download from MSDN.  You can acquire it by going to the following link: Additionally, Daniel Moth has a good post describing .NET Framework 3.5… I though i’d share part of it here as it is likely better than one I could do… thanks Daniel. For help with…