MBA Global Management Seminar I

Let me start by the last work I did this week: the paper. Great opportunity to learn; I selected the EU and Mercosur as the trading blocs, and the amount of research I did was incredible. Fortunately the UOP library has a great deal of material that allows good understanding of forex instruments, and country…


Started my second-the-last class!

Now it is only 12 weeks and I’m done with my MBA. It has been a long journey of learning – and it has been worth it. Started yesterday the seminar on Global Management, and international trade will be the thing for the next six weeks. Very exciting! To start I had to compare two types of…


Almost done with the 10th class!

Almost there! With only one week to go, I feel really close to the end of the MBA program, with just two additional classes for the concentration on Global Management. I think I have written before that this class on strategies for competitive advantage has been very useful in my job – very timely as…


Blue Ocean, Value Chain and more

Last week was busy in my MBA – the Environmental Analysis Paper took most of my time in research. I am happy with the end results, especially because I am using this exercise to help me the strategy for next fiscal year; at the end the result of this class may be my actual strategic plan, or very…


10th MBA class – almost there!

Great start on my 10th class in the MBA in Global Management program; this class is really interesting and the concepts we started to discuss this week are very useful to any business leader. I find it very surprising sometimes that strategy is something all business people talk about but not everyone understands it well….


Windows 7

I loaded Windows 7 Beta on my production laptop – a nice upgrade experience, without any surprise. I had first to update my machine to Vista SP1 since it was a requirement to upgrade to Windows 7; I have been running Windows Vista 64-bits on a Dell Inspiron D820 since 2007. It is noticeable the…


Commenting on my MBA – I

Another great busy week, with lots of time invested in a benchmarking research for this week’s case study in my MBA program. In my discussion question this week, I chose to talk about the six reasons customers buy online, according to authors Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, & Rudelius (2004): convenience, choice, customization, communication, cost, and control….