Test Management Terminology: What is a Test Point?

I was just getting started on what I intended to be my next post on this blog when I realized that the topic in that post would be much easier to discuss and understand if I first wrote about Test Points.  A Test Point is an object in our TCM Object Model that isn’t really…


TCM.exe – A General Introduction

Along with the new tools we’ve added in VSTS 2010 for testers comes the TCM.exe command-line application.  This command-line isn’t intended to be an alternative for everything you can do in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) but rather to fill some gaps and enable some of the less common scenarios that still may be important for…


Test Impact post by Daryush

There’s a nice post on Test Impact from within Visual Studio (geared towards Developers rather than testers) here. Check it out if you’re interested in learning about a different side of Test Impact!