Disable Windows SkyDrive App using Group Policy

Now with Windows Server 2012 R2 Group Policy, you can restrict users access for the windows 8.1 SkyDrive App. I have tested this scenario in my test lab with the below configuration and it worked just fine. 


Below is the configuration i tested with.

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller
  • Windows 8.1 Client machine


I followed the below step.


Login to your Domain Controller.
Open your Group Policy Management tool and edit Default Domain Policy.

Navigate to “Administrative Template  à Windows Components à SkyDrive

Edit “Prevent the usage of SkyDrive for file storage” and set the state to “Enabled” “

Ensure, the Group Policy changes are update to all the client machines.

Now when your client starts the SkyDrive App, he / she will get the below information.






The above information is from my test lab, and you can use this information to reproduce and test it in your environment. 






Comments (9)

  1. Sudarsan says:

    By doing this are you disabling the drive itself or only the Rich Client. Are you able to access the skydrive using SharePoint site ?

  2. KannaGanesh says:

    Sudarsan, we just disable the Rich Client.. you will be able to access SkyDrive from browser.

  3. redtech says:


    we are 2012R2 domain level.

    this is what we have under Windows Components:

    Setting State


    RSS Feeds

    Internet Explorer

    Application Compatibility

    Attachment Manager

    Windows Explorer

    Microsoft Management Console

    Task Scheduler

    Terminal Services

    Windows Installer

    Windows Messenger

    Windows Update

    Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Media Player

    Everything else is missing.



  4. Dysan says:

    Look under the machine settings, its there.

  5. Duck says:

    On my Windows 8.1 german it's called OneDrive instead of SkyDrive

  6. PeppaPig says:

    In case anyone is going to attempt this or any other GPO manipulation, do not edit the default domain policy. Very few configurations even require this policy to be edited.

  7. Steven Davis says:

    My domain comes from a history of upgrades from Win 2003 and so i don't have SkyDrive or OneDrive listed.  How do i get it added.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It's called OneDrive on the Win8.1 pro machine I just installed.  It's also called OneDrive on my 2012 R2 domain controllers.  Thank goodness for comments, because the blog is useless.

    The words 'Edit the default domain policy' should never appear in MS documentation.  This should be taken down.

  9. Rob says:

    Like ndp said – why are you editing the DDP to do this?  This is not recommended by anyone, including Microsoft!

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