Error while creating UPSA Synchronization connection in SharePoint 2013

Yesterday i was building my SharePoint 2013 Lab for learning purpose, things were working smooth until i step on creating User Profile Synchronization connection.

I was able to populate the containers, but when i say Save / OK it gave me the below error

 "There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:5725/ResourceManagementService/MEX that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action." 

Tried creating a new UPSA, this time it gave me an error UPSA Sync Services is not started.

Quickly navigated back to Service on Server and found it to be running.

Gave a shot by stopping and starting the services, there you go... it worked like a charm








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  1. Aamir Qureshi says:

    Its FIM Windows Services that needs to be running. Aamir Qureshi

  2. Vikas says:

    thanks – for support.

    I restarted profile synch service, managed to save the connection

  3. Narongwit. says:

    Pls check on Forefront Identify Manager (FIM) Service on Windows Server, must be started.

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