Make it your own [WebMatrix’s new extensibility support enables developers and applications to customize the web development experience to their liking!]

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  1. This is great news – not that it came as a surprise as I was the person who asked for it on ms connect and it was clear that it would be implemented by the response. But I am very impressed by how much you guys have opened up and can't wait to get writing extensions.

  2. test says:

    this chm file not worked in win8 server.

  3. David Anson says:


    I tried it just now with the Windows Server 2012 RC and it worked fine: starting from a clean OS install, I browsed to this page, clicked the link to the CHM, added to the "safe sites" list as prompted, clicked the link again to download the file, saved it, and clicked the "open" button. The CHM file opened successfully and I was able to browse its contents as expected.

    Try again, maybe?

  4. Serge van den Oever [macaw] says:

    @David: unblock the chm file first

  5. Serge van den Oever [Macaw] says:

    If you start writing an extension and need execution of program or script with realtime output and error parsing check out (for documentation) and install the NuGet package WebMatrix.Executer (…/WebMatrix.Executer).

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