There’s a blob on your web page – but don’t wipe it off [New Delay.Web.Helpers assembly brings easy Amazon S3 blob access to ASP.NET web sites!]

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  1. James says:

    ARGH! It's all static. My eyes. You know that the constructor is for initializing necessary state, right? Such as the access key and secret.

  2. David Anson says:


    Static methods is the convention used by the "official" web helpers (ex: Microsoft.Web.Helpers…/microsoft.web.helpers(v=VS.99).aspx as well as the Windows Azure Storage Helper) and something I deliberately matched for consistency. For the typical ASP.NET Razor scenario, it's easier for developers to write @Twitter.Profile(…) than have to worry about new-ing up an obect and calling methods on it. I agree the argument is a little less compelling in the presence of values that need to be configured, but I think the underlying logic is reasonable here.

    If it helps you feel better, the BlobStoreApi class on which I built this is implemented in a more conventional manner and you're welcome to use that instead. 🙂

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