You’ve got questions; I’ve got dumb looks [PDC10’s Channel 9 Live Windows Phone 7 Q&A session available online and offline]

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  1. Trees says:

    Thanks David, I went looking for that chat on c9/pdc sites back then and found a 17s inro clip was being downloaded instead.

  2. Clinton Gallagher says:

    The PDC10 content is unreadable and browser accessibility mode disables navigating to the content.

  3. David Anson says:

    Clinton Gallagher,

    Can you please be identify exactly where you're seeing this problem? If it's in my blog post, I can look into what I might be able to do to improve things – if it's in the PDC10 Silverlight player itself, I can pass your feedback on to the team (but there's not a lot I can do to fix that myself).

    Thanks for your help!

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