This one’s for you, Gregor Mendel [Code to animate and fade Windows Phone orientation changes now supports a new mode: hybrid!]

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  1. Tim Dawson says:

    Reading all these articles is fascinating, but every time I just wonder to myself why on earth this stuff isn't built in to the platform or phone. This should be completely transparent to any developer writing an app for the phone. It amazes me that people are going to have to solve this on their own.

  2. David Anson says:

    Tim Dawson,

    I agree it would be ideal if functionality like this were available "out of the box" – but it's not. 🙁 So I'm trying to do the next best thing by creating something that's simple and functional and that anyone can use. If enough people like it, maybe it'll make it into the platform for the next release. 🙂

  3. Janki says:

    Excellent! and timely. My apps are waiting for these touches before I could shoot them to Marketplace 🙂

    BTW : What about normal page transitions on Navigating ? What's the best way to do it. I used TransitionContentControl, but it is buggy. What is the best way to do right now (after final tools)

  4. David Anson says:


    Cool – glad I can help out! 🙂 Investigating page transitions is something that's already on our list for a future release of the Windows Phone Toolkit. I know some folks are using TransitioningContentControl, but I've heard it's not always as elegant a process as it could be. We'll be thinking about what we can do in the Toolkit to make this a little easier for everyone. Stay tuned! 🙂

  5. Onyxraven says:

    Yeah, TCC for wp7 currently has a bug where the height of the layout based on the systemtray and appbar are not taken into account, so everything is offset wrong after transition :-/

  6. Alex says:

    Thank you very much, David!

  7. Kevin says:


    This is very cool but have run into a problem.  I had implemented page transitions using the Toolkit and had set RootFrame to RootFrame = new TransitionFrame();  

    If I set RootFrame to one of the orientation transitions then I lose my page transitions.  So the question my question is, How can I implement both orientation & page transitions.  An example or anything that you can assist with will be helpful.


  8. Very easy to use, but on my phone the animation is very jumpy: it starts quite late, and then jumps instead of smoothly transitioning.

  9. David Anson says:

    Sam Jost,

    Sorry to hear that! It worked well on the OS and devices I had available at the time, but I know some of the more recent 256-MB phones are less capable, so perhaps that's an issue here? You don't say if the slowness you're seeing is with the sample itself, but you might try that if you haven't already – it's possible the slowness has something to do with the application you've added this to?

  10. Filippo says:

    Thank you for this awesome Library, very helpful!

  11. Jeremy says:

    Works like a charm on both WP7 and WP8 devices. Thanks David !

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