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  1. Ruben says:

    Nice… Thanks You

  2. JY says:


    The Data Visualization assembly is really a great piece of software. However, it's very difficult to understand its place between .NET 4, the WPF Toolkit, and the Silverlight Toolkit.

    For exemple, I was looking for WPF Chart assembly with StackedLineSeries. Woow, I easily found your great blog. I decided to use the "Data Visualization assembly" it in my WPF 3.5 code, so i tried to find the "latest official release" of it… but didn't found anyone : neither on the WPF Toolkit, nor in the Silverlight Toolkit… I juste found one of your blog entries where we can download the entire source code.

    Shouldn't be the "Data Visualization assembly" an entire project on CodePlex ?

    It would be easier to find doc, samples, and latest releases !



  3. David Anson says:


    Thank you for the kind words! 🙂

    The Data Visualization assembly is actually part of the WPF Toolkit (latest download:…/40535) *and* the Silverlight Toolkit (latest download:…/43528), both on CodePlex. Because the two Toolkits are on different schedules (and so I'd have a vehicle for releasing some things out-of-band), I also created my own "all platforms at once" release which is what you found. It's always the most current code for all platforms, but you should also be able to find nearly-current bits in the Toolkit as well. 🙂

    Breaking DataVis out into its own CodePlex project is an interesting idea, but for the time being, the existing approach has seemed to make a decent amount of sense as well – Silverlight developers probably already have the Silverlight Toolkit installed and therefore the Data Visualization assembly, too. Ditto for WPF.

    Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions!

  4. David Anson says:

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  5. David Anson says:

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  6. David Anson says:

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  7. David Anson says:

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  8. says:

    Hi David,

    Do you know whether Microsoft plans to support 3-D charts such as area plots in future WPF&Silverlight Toolkit releases? Or does anything like that exist already?

    Thank you very much.

    My regards,


  9. David Anson says:,

    It's hard to predict the future. 🙂 That said, I do not know of any plans to add support for 3D charts to the WPF/Silverlight Toolkit's Data Visualization assembly.

  10. Derek says:

    Can multiple stacked column series be put in a single graph and group side-by-side, the way multiple column series do? I haven't seen an example of this behaviour anywhere, and it would be really useful.

  11. David Anson says:


    As I recall, that's not supported. You could try it just to be sure, but I think they'll overlap instead of grouping.

  12. Derek says:

    Yeah, that seems to be the behaviour I'm getting. Any plans to support it in the future? 🙂

  13. David Anson says:


    Not that I know of, but I'm out of the loop on such decisions at this point. 🙂

  14. Grant says:

    Hello all.  I'm trying to get a "gap" or "break" in a line series.  I'm reading the information from a database, so a "gap" should occur when the database returns a null for the dependent value and a valid independent value.  The chart seems to give a null dependent value a value of 0 which is not the same in my case.  I know that MS charts have an emptydatapointstyle field for this kind of situation, but is there anything that I can do for a WPF chart?

    Thanks for any information

  15. David Anson says:


    I'm afraid that scenario isn't supported by default. 🙁 However, you might be able to fake it by breaking a single series with missing values into two or more series without any missing values (i.e., a shorter series for before/after each gap)?

  16. Grant says:

    Thanks David.  I was thinking of that solution in the case that there wasn't a way to get a gap in a single line series.

  17. David Anson says:

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  18. David Anson says:

    UPDATED POST: "Customizing the Labels on an Axis of the Silverlight Toolkit Chart" by Kevin Dockx is no longer available at the original link. I have found a copy here, instead:…/Customizing-the-Labels-on-an-Axis-of-the-Silverlight-Toolkit-Chart.aspx

  19. David Anson says:

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  20. David Anson says:

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  21. David Anson says:

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  22. David Anson says:

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