Gettin’ blobby with it [Sharing the code for a simple Silverlight 4 REST-based cloud-oriented file management app for Azure and S3]

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  1. Dustin Horne says:

    🙂  Nice to see someone else finally wrote an S3 capable uploader.  We actually began writing ours with SL 4, then had an email conversation with some of the Silverlight dev team and got them to implement the writestreambuffering (or rather the ability to disable it) and went live with ours shortly after the Silverlight 4 release.  Ours only does S3, however it does have full support for supplying custom Amazon META data, content typing, and streaming of large files (we've tested with 3 Gigabyte files).

  2. Athena Capsis says:

    ditto… Im working on the wp7 mobile version

  3. acapsis says:

    that comment was sent by accident, I cannot get blobstore to connect to s3, running in my broswer ( I would like to upload from wp7 to s3 cant afford Azure )

  4. David Anson says:


    Please have another look at the "Provisioning" section of my post – I'm betting that's the root of your problem. Not only must the example clientaccesspolicy.xml be uploaded to the S3 bucket (with the same name), but it must also be marked world-readable. If you think you've got everything set up correctly, have a look at the network traffic with a tool like Fiddler to see what the response from the service is – that can sometimes be a good clue what's not hooked up right.

  5. David Anson says:

    Note: The MIME type (Content-Type) of the clientaccesspolicy.xml file matters to Silverlight – specifically, "binary/octet-stream" is NOT acceptable to it and can lead to SecurityExceptions being thrown. "text/plain" works fine, as should "text/xml" (though I haven't tested the latter).

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