The Code Not Taken [Comparing two ways of creating a full-size Popup in Silverlight – then picking the best]

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  1. Hristo says:

    Hello Delay,

    There is another problematic event – Zoomed. Attaching to it will also reset the zooming. The interesting part it that if you remove the handler then zooming is restored.

    After some reflection I find out that Content class have public constructor. My guess was that those events are global (like LayoutUpdated) so I created static instance of Content class and removed an event handler from the static instance and attach handler to Application.Current.Host.Content.Resized and voila – no more zooming issues.

    I hope that this will help with the fight with Popups.

  2. David Anson says:


    That’s really great information – thanks for sharing! Your solution is quite clever and I applaud you – but I’ll warn you that you may be relying on undocumented behavior with this. 🙂 Nevertheless, I’m glad to know it for those times nothing else will work.

    Thanks again!

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