Sometimes it takes a village to solve a problem [Workaround for a Visual Studio 2008 design-time issue with the WPF Toolkit when Blend 3 is installed]

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  1. BrianEnsink says:

    This did not fix the problem for me.  Uninstalling Blend "fixes" it but its a non-solution.  My project doesn’t reference System.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.Toolkit.dll and still get the problem.  My project does however reference some Telerik stuff, removing those references "fixed" the problem but once again this is non-solution.  Are there any other workarounds?  It seems like VS2008 + Blend + Telerik would be common situation.

  2. David Anson says:


    Sorry to hear about the troubles! It sounds like maybe Telerik’s design-time assemblies suffer from the same problem that I describe above. If you get in touch with someone at Telerik and point them to this blog and/or me, I’d be happy to answer any questions they might have about what’s going on here and how to fix it.


  3. Adrian says:

    This fix me the problem.

    Thank You

  4. Pratik Patel says:

    Hi Guys,

         This really works, I have VS 2008 and Blend 3 on my machine. Now my WPF designer stops crashing once I performed recommanded changes.


  5. Nuwan says:

    Hi It really worked, Thank you

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