Bringing the Silverlight Toolkit’s TreeMap to WPF [Silverlight/WPF Data Visualization Development Release 0]

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  1. cplotts says:

    This is awesome! Love the idea of development releases … and I love that you are continuing to cross-compile to both platforms … ensuring that no differences crop in … due to the fact that charting is now living in _both_ toolkits.

  2. adamtaub says:

    This is GREAT STUFF!!! Thanks!

    FYI – I am/was having a problem with the codeplex wpf contols breaking my visual studio xaml designer. ( )

    Using your build I dont have this problem…and I get a treemap!

  3. David Anson says:


    Thanks for the kind words! FYI, I’ve just replied to your CodePlex thread – let’s continue the troubleshooting discussion there.

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