Silverlight Charting gets an update – and a TreeMap! [Silverlight Toolkit July 2009 release now available!]

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  1. cplotts says:

    Nice job on the July 2009 release! Congrats!

    Was curious if you were also going to update the ChartBuilder as well for this release?

  2. David Anson says:


    Thanks – it’s great to see the enthusiasm! 🙂 I AM planning to update ChartBuilder for the July 2009 Silverlight Toolkit release. However, it’s a couple of items down on my list of priorities because this release of Charting didn’t change the API vs. the last release. Therefore, the existing ChartBuilder is still very relevant and just as useful as before.

    Thanks for your patience – I hope to have the new ChartBuilder out in about a week or so!

  3. ammachado says:

    With your afore mentioned script, we will be able to use other components from Silverlight Toolkit in WPF, such as the DataForm and DataPager, for instance?

  4. David Anson says:


    No, I’m afraid that’s not part of what I’m doing. The Data Visualization assembly has been specifically written and designed to work on both Silverlight and WPF all along; I don’t know that to be true for other controls, so I wouldn’t expect them to port over without additional effort. Additionally, I’m not as intimately familiar with those controls, so I wouldn’t want to get in the business of pseudo-redistributing them. They’ll be updated and/or ported according to the official schedule; the stuff I’m doing with Data Visualization is specifically intended to help get advance feedback on new features within.

    Thanks for your note – I hope this seems reasonable!

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