Silverlight Charting remains just a click away – and runs on WPF, too!! [ChartBuilder sample and source code updated for Charting’s March 09 release]

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  2. abrien says:

    I’m starting to use these chart controls to make some reports at work, and I’ve stumbled onto a weird bug, where I get a KeyNotFoundException when I attempt to update the Series.ItemsSource property.

    I’ve also noticed I see the same exception in your WPF version of ChartBuilder when you set the 1st series as a PieSeries and drag the number of series left and right.

    Any ideas where that comes from? I’ve worked around this problem in my code by re-creating the PieSeries instead of just updating its ItemsSource, but I wish I had a simpler solution.

  3. David Anson says:


    I’ve been debugging this and I know why the exception happens in WPF Charting. For some reason that I don’t understand yet, the DataPoint.State DependencyProperty is not getting updated when it should and so the DataPoints are all in the wrong states and code that assumes certain invariants ends up being wrong and throwing the exception you see. This may sound familiar – I believe it’s exactly the same problem I call out in my post about new/old DataPoints not showing/hiding correctly. Okay, so this is good to know and I’ll track down what’s going wrong on WPF that the State property isn’t behaving properly.

    So now I’ve got one very important question for you: In YOUR scenario are you using WPF Charting or Silverlight Charting? If you’re using WPF Charting, then we know the problem and I’ll sort it out more on Monday and hopefully give you a fix and sorry, but I did warn you that WPF Charting is completely untested. 🙂 HOWEVER, if you’re using Silverlight Charting and seeing this problem, then I would very much like to understand your scenario better because I doubt it’s the same exact issue and it’s seeming like something we’ve never seen before. (As you probably know, your ChartBuilder scenario works just fine for on Silverlight.)

    If you could please get back to me with the answer, I’d very much appreciate it! If it turns out to be a problem with Silverlight Charting, then I’ll work with you to try to come up with a simplified demonstration of the problem that I’ll be able to run and debug myself.

    Thank you very much for reporting this issue!

  4. David Anson says:

    Update: Soon after turning off the computer, I figured out why the DependencyProperty isn’t getting updated. I should be able to fix the WPF Charting issue on Monday and will post a new DLL.

    So the big remaining question is whether anyone is seeing this behavior with Silverlight Charting…

  5. David Anson says:

    FYI, I have just fixed the issue and will blog more on this shortly. Thanks for your patience!

  6. Delay's Blog says:

    In my last post I described a few updates I made to my ChartBuilder sample/application/learning tool

  7. El WPF Toolkit es una colección de componentes y características de WPF que complementan el .NET Framework.

  8. Here’s the official word from the WPF Tree Services & Controls Team: We shipped some great new updates

  9. Delay's Blog says:

    In yesterday’s post I updated the unsupported public build of WPF Charting . The WPF version of the System.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.Toolkit.dll

  10. MVP Factor says:

    Esto esta súper bueno, que lo disfruten aqui el detalle: “We shipped some great new updates to the WPF

  11.   Are you intrigued by multi touch? The Windows Engineering team just posted a great article on

  12. Esto esta excelente, pruébenlo: “We shipped some great new updates to the WPF Toolkit and WPF Futures

  13. Elise's blog says:

    L’équipe de Samantha Durante a profité de la realease de Mars des WPF Toolkit pour présenter les nouveaux

  14. [ Note: this was written using Silverlight 3 Beta and the Silverlight 3 version of the Silverlight Toolkit

  15. Delay's Blog says:

    Let’s imagine that we want to use Silverlight (or WPF!) to chart the performance of a book on one of

  16. Following up on this post I thought the first control I’d build would be a graph control so I just referenced

  17. Following on from this post . As expected, porting my Utilities library to WPF wasn’t too difficult.

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