Gratuitous platform support [ComputeFileHashes works on the command-line, on WPF, on Silverlight, and via ClickOnce!]

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  1. JWilcox says:


    Check out Reid’s MD5 implementation, Ms-PL, at

  2. David Anson says:

    Thanks, Jeff, this is great! I’ll try to do an update in the next day or so.

  3. Delay's Blog says:

    While working on code for an upcoming blog post, I found myself dealing with the HashAlgorithm.HashSize

  4. Delay's Blog says:

    I was very happy with last week’s release of ComputeFileHashes supporting the command-line, WPF, Silverlight,

  5. Delay's Blog says:

    When I achieved cross-platform parity by adding MD5 support to the Silverlight version of ComputeFileHashes

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