Expanded access to Silverlight 2’s generic.xaml resources [SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser updated for better compatibility!]

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  1. divil5000@hotmail.com says:

    Does the style browser work with SandDock for Silverlight? It’s a pretty popular third-party control suite for Silverlight.


  2. In this issue: Michael Washington & Jeff Paries, Lutz Gerhard, Jeff Wilcox, and David Anson. Shoutout

  3. vgsbs says:

    Hello David,

    I send you an email with a follow-up on this post.


    Valentin Stoychev

    Telerik, Inc.

  4. David Anson says:


    A very quick check just now suggests that the latest version of SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser works just fine with SandDock. If you have experience to the contrary, please let me know what’s not working for you. Thank you!

  5. David Anson says:

    In case anyone’s following along here, Valentin and I have chatted a bit in email and he prefers that I not add Telerik-specific code to SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser to make it work with the current RadControls assemblies. He notes that this is actually a more general issue with the way RadControls generic.xaml is written that causes similar styling issues in Blend – and that Telerik is looking into ways they can improve the experience for both Blend and SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser. I, for one, am looking forward to it! 🙂

  6. When we created Silverlight Charting (background reading here and here ), we tried to make things as

  7. Tonight’s recipient of my UI Rant is the Silverlight 2 ListBox, or more specifically, the ListBoxItem. 

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