Maintaining pretenses with the layout system [LayoutTransform functionality updated for Silverlight 2!]

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  1. Kieren5 says:

    As Mr Burns would say, "Excellent"

  2. Boyan Mihaylov on SL/Amazon, David Hyde with SL Stock Portfolio, Chris Anderson with SL LOB app, Jesse

  3. RonnieMeijer says:

    Excellent work.

    One addition you should mention is when you’re using this with animations.

    In your constructor add:

    CompositionTarget.Rendering += new EventHandler(CompositionTarget_Rendering);

    your event handler

    void CompositionTarget_Rendering(object sender, EventArgs e)




  4. David Anson says:


    Thanks for the feedback! I don’t have experience with LayoutTransformControl in that scenario, so I really appreciate the tip!

  5. says:

    I have an interesting issue with the LayoutTransformControl. In one case I have a custom control that consists only of an image, and a rectangle filled with some solid color. The VisualStateMangager is set to show the rectangle as an overlay on mouseover, and keep it shown if the item is selected. I use an imagebrush based on the original image to clip the overlay rectangle to the same shape as the underlying image. I then wrap the custom control in the a LayoutTransformControl.

    The problem comes when I rotate the LayoutTransformControl. The custom control rotates just fine, and the image is seen to turn the specified angle. However, the clipping of the overlay rectangle gets rotated, and then flipped horizontally so it looks like it’s X scale has been set to -1.

    Any thoughts?

    BTW, thanks for this awesome control. I’d be so screwed if it weren’t for your great work!

  6. David Anson says:


    Your profile doesn’t seem to have contact information, so I can’t mail you directly. Do you think you could please put together a simple demonstration of this problem in a new project and send that to me with the "Email" link at the upper right of my blog? I’d love to investigate and see what might be going on.

    Thanks much for your help here!

  7. Delay's Blog says:

    I’d almost finished patting myself on the back for managing to implement WPF’s LayoutTransform on Silverlight

  8. Delay's Blog says:

    When I first wrote about adding full LayoutTransform fidelity to Silverlight with my LayoutTransformControl

  9. Delay's Blog says:

    I’m a believer in the power of LayoutTransform – so much so that I wrote a control to graft this capability

  10. Delay's Blog says:

    I came across a question on the Silverlight Toolkit support forum yesterday asking how to animate the

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