"MouseButtonClicker clicks the mouse so you don’t have to!" [Releasing binaries and source for a nifty mouse utility]

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  1. Delay's Blog says:

    I described the idea behind my MouseButtonClicker utility in the introductory post for MouseButtonClicker

  2. JoeW says:

    Clever stuff, but so annoying when you’re using Word or Visual Studio.  The caret would be moved and you start typing in the wrong place.

  3. David Anson says:


    Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, I’m not sure I understand why you think this is annoying – I use MouseButtonClicker with Visual Studio and Word all day long without issue. It turns out there was a small bug in the original release related to manual clicking not suppressing subsequent jitter, but I’ve fixed that (I posted about it just last night!) and I honestly haven’t seen an incorrect automatic click since the fix. I agree this would be annoying behavior for people who wiggle their mouse all the time, but if you’re using the mouse as intended, I’d like to understand if you’re seeing unexpected behavior!

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