Smaller is better! [A simple step to shrink the download size of Silverlight 2 applications]

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  1. AtulGupta says:

    Very useful. thanks for the tips.

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  3. SoulSolutions says:

    lol, this feels like the old trick of devs putting sleeps in their code so they can add a performance boost later 😉 I think you may a ruined the surprise!

    Seriously I just used the built in compression from Vista to try to this out and saw my DeepEarth XAB go from 53KB to 42KB. Why did they use such a bad compression?

  4. David Anson says:


    I like conspiracy theories as much as the next person, but I’m sure nobody deliberately used suboptimal compression. 🙂 Rather, I imagine that the most convenient managed compression code was used because it was good enough for everyone’s purpose during the early stages of development and because improving/replacing it later would be an easy, low-risk change. As this post demonstrates, in fact! I think the official XAP compression story will improve soon – and until then, I hope XapReZip can help!

  5. (PT) Baseado no post do Delay acerca de como podemos reduzir o tamanho de uma aplicação Silverlight 2

  6. Some much as been said about Silverlight and it's really good but sometimes we tend to forget an

  7.    Some much as been said about Silverlight and it’s really good but sometimes we tend to forget

  8. faiyazkhan says:

    Hi there,

    You have provided a great piece of stuff, thanks for sharing with us.

    I have found a bug in it. The zipping function does not include the “ServiceReferences.ClientConfig” service configuration file even though it is included in the original xap file.

    I’ll appreciate if you can provide the solution.


  9. faiyazkhan says:

    Got the answer, the "ServiceReferences.ClientConfig" needs to be copied to output directory.

    You already mentioned in your text that all the files should be in the output directory. Sorry

  10. David Anson says:


    Glad to hear you got things working!

  11. Comprimere il file XAP di Silverlight

  12. Delay's Blog says:

    A few months ago, I looked at the size of Silverlight 2 XAP files and blogged a simple way to reduce

  13. Helen says:

    Кто интересовался структурой и оптимизацией .XAP-файла Silverlight-приложения, в курсе, что это сжатый

  14. Supal says:


              when i having follow all steps which are mentioned above then error will be show in errorlist box.

               Error:: The command "C:XapReZipXapReZip.cmd Silverlight.prism.Customer.xap" exited with code 255. Silverlight.prism.Customer.

               I don't know for this error.can someone help me in solving this issue.

    Thanxs in Advance.

  15. David Anson says:


    I suspect that maybe the CMD file or ZIP.exe don't exist where it's expecting them to. But the good news is that the default XAP compression with the Silverlight 4 Tools is better than it used to be – and good enough that XapReZip shouldn't really be necessary any more! 🙂

  16. siva says:

    Thanks for the info

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