Again with the support for simple HTML display in Silverlight [HtmlTextBlock sample updated for Silverlight 2 Beta 2!]

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  1. Delay's Blog says:

    When putting content on the web, it’s important to get that content to the user as quickly as possible.

  2. Delay's Blog says:

    A couple of readers have asked about an update to my long-running HtmlTextBlock sample for Silverlight

  3. I updated my HtmlTextBlock sample for RTW last night and got an email from kind reader Ed Silverton this

  4. Not working with CSS says:

    I've try with the code below.

    <p><span class="Normal">Il ne faut pas oublier de faire les actions suivantes</span></p>


    <li><p><span class="Normal">Drainer</span></p>


    <li><p><span class="Normal">Ouvrir les vanes</span></p>


    <li><p><span class="Normal">Irriguer</span></p>


    <li><p><span class="Normal">Recolter</span></p>


    <li><p><span class="Normal">Manger</span></p>



    <p style="margin:0px;"><span class="Normal">Après ces actions, d'autres peuvent se complèter</span></p>

  5. David Anson says:

    Not working with CSS,

    The original blog about HtmlTextBlock should explain that CSS isn't supported. Rather, this control provides support for only the simplest, most basic HTML commands. 🙂

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