Tweaks and improvements by popular demand [AJAX Control Toolkit update!]

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  1. simonech says:

    Do you have plan to include a treeview like the one used in the MSDN library?

  2. David Anson says:


    I don’t currently see a tree view on our wishlist (filter by Component="Wishlist" on, but you’re welcome to add an item for it. Community interest helps determine what we do, so if it becomes a popular request, we’d definitely consider adding it in a future release. Thanks!

  3. simonech says:

    Will do it 🙂

  4. mogo says:

    Thank you for fixing the issue:

    "Removed explicit reference to VsWebSite.Interop.dll and stdole.dll"

    It was quite a pain to determine what was going wrong on DotNetNuke production server.

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