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  1. I picked this one up from the MSDN Blogsphere (sorry to echo back to MSDN`ers) By default, the AJAX Control

  2. Hi,

    I am somewhat new to C# and am trying to troubleshoot an issue in the AJAX AutoCompleteExtender component.

    The GetCompletionList callback method is coded almost exactly as in the example above. And the AJAX component renders as expected in most cases. However if the completionList.ToArray() is over a threshold size (I think probably over 1000), it just does not render. IS there some limitation for the size of the array returned by the GetCompletionList callback method? Or is there some setting? When it does not render is there some log which will have some error message?

    I really look forward to hearing from your experience.



  3. David Anson says:


    My guess is that you need to increase the value of the maxJsonLength setting:…/bb513882.aspx

    Hope this helps!

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for responding.

    Here is a snippet from my web.config where I am setting the maxJsonLength:




             <jsonSerialization maxJsonLength="5000000"></jsonSerialization>


    Setting this to "50" or "50000000" dosent seem to make any difference.How do I know that this setting actually took effect?

    Also, when the rendering fails, does it write to some log?

    I am very new to this technology and therefore have some very basic questions …


  5. David Anson says:


    I think you may have that in the wrong place. The document I linked to and the following place it inside "system.web.extensions":…/bb763183.aspx

    If that doesn't help, one thing that usually does is looking at the network traffic with a network monitor like Fiddler. The error/exception is often sent back to the client and you can see it in the network trace to get an idea exactly what's going wrong.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks very much! Initially putting the <web services extension> tag caused a failure in the webpage. Then tracking through that I realized that this tag is available only in .NET Framework 4.0 (and NOT available in 2.0). After setting that and also setting the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions for 4.0 to "allowed" everything WORKED!

    The list now renders for larger sizes of the array as well. The network traffic may not be acceptable though … I will try Fiddler when I get a chance!

    Thanks again!

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