"You’re gonna need a bigger boat." [A brief look at data storage requirements in today’s world]

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    Having been on this cycle for some time now I can agree.

    We just moved country and I backed up all my daughters critical DVDs in case Barbie were to go astray, as well as all of our machines into a couple of locations.

    We’ve now got everything out of storage (this morning!) and I’m looking at what we’ve got and planning how to get to Q with it.

    We have two desktops with about 450GB in each, a media center with 950GB total HDD, 3 USB drives (200GB, 350GB and 500GB – the last a mini-NAS that daisychains the other two) as well as plenty of original DVD/CDs, backups of old PSTs and scanned school artwork etc.

    I can see easily by the end of the year a need for maybe another TB as we consolidate media and make a more concerted effort to digitize paperwork. Feeding DVDs to the Xbox means they have to be transcoded to WMV so the question is do you keep an ISO image (for MCE) as well as the WMV (for Xbox) as well as the original (because we own them) – a whole lot of questions… all of which mean we’ll need more storage!

    Then you start to worry about providing a temporary home for on-line rental HD-DVD content etc and it all keeps adding up.

    As well as solutions like Windows Home Server I hope Vista will get smarter at reducing duplicate files on individual machines, and the network archive tools in WHS better at identifying and de-duplicating (for instance if I have three copies of an MP3 on one machine consolidate. If there are three on the network alert me and make smart suggestions based on usage patterns)

    It’s not just about platters… it’s about an overall solution….

  2. Delay's Blog says:

    Yesterday I mentioned a quick C# program I wrote to help analyze storage space requirements. There was

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