Three weeks since we shipped? Must be time to ship again! ["Atlas" Control Toolkit updated!]

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  1. Attempting to address Rajesh’s concerns about

    optionality… [Via: Tim Ewald ]

    Axis2 1.0 released…

  2. Recon_609 says:

    Thanks for the update.

    I have a custom validator control I built (inherits from BaseValidator).

    Would using a control extender be a better approach?  I was thinking that the custom javascript – if written with Atlas would help provide better browser compatibility.

  3. David Anson says:


    Interesting question… 🙂 On the one hand, effortless browser compatibility is nice, but on the other hand keeping your external dependencies to a minimum is nice, too. I don’t know what your validator does, but I’m thinking that validators are, in general, pretty simple and so I think my approach would be to avoid pulling in Atlas in this case. Maybe if it turns out that you’re doing a lot of browser-specific workarounds it would be good to reconsider, but my guess is that you won’t have any/too many.

    Good luck!

  4. I blogged about the Atlas Control Toolkit three weeks ago when it first shipped.  There are three…

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