An image is worth a thousand HTML tags [How to: Display a custom image with an ASP.NET web page]

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  1. CHash2 says:


    I posted the string in the above url

  2. You might actually consider using an .ashx file or make your own handler. The Page class has a lot of overhead that if you’re not utilizing it can be expensive.

  3. Mihailik says:

    Excellent note about ‘using’, Delay. Unfortunately, MSDN skip it so often 🙁

    And that story continues even at Microsoft Certification Exams.

    And my 2 cents addition. Some standard image formats cannot be saved right to OutputStream (TIFF, if I recall it correct). It seems such image codecs require seeking forward-backward of underlying Stream during saving. In that case intermediate MemoryStream is solution.

  4. Delay's Blog says:

    In a previous post, I referred to some MSDN sample code and outlined the process of creating an ASP.NET…

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