The Last of the Ferrari Guys…

Daniel Spalding, our Dev Lead in the VC++ linker team, retired last friday after 18 yrs at Microsoft. In a sense it is an end of an era since he has been around, like, forever, and it is difficult to visualize a linker team w/o him. Dan was one of the devs who implemented the "detect which files have been changed since last build and build only those next time" optimization back in 1994.

On a lighter note, I think he was the last guy in our building who came to work in a Ferrari - I think he had 3 of them. No more Ferraris in the bldg 41 parking lot!

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  1. Uwe Keim says:

    So one could get rich by implementing a "detect which files have been changed since last build and build only those next time"-algorithm? 🙂

  2. . says:

    Yeah, no money to be made as an employee at Microsoft no more, and indeed alot of other companies, unless you are in on the ground floor, dont even kid yourself.

  3. jaybaz [MS] says:

    To be fair: Dan was responsible for a whole lot of stuff that was both very challenging technically, and very important to just about every part of the Visual C++ product. He definitely earned his rewards.

    At the same time, he was part of a company that made a lot of money, and shared it with employees. If you can help your company make a lot of money, you should expect corresponding rewards.

    I don’t know why you think there is "no money to be made". I support my family to live very comfortably on my salary, with a variety of luxuries available to us, while much of the world is unable to stay warm, fed, healthy, and safe.

  4. Joe Fabeetz says:

    Too bad companies like MS and IBM are making programming an non-career choice by outsourcing…

  5. Hi Joe,

    This is a different discussion that this blog was not meant for, I just wanted to blog that Dan had left after so many years, he has been a pillar of VC++ (and VS).

    But I would contest both your claims viz

    (a) Programming is a non-career choice

    (b) MS is causing this

    MS is actively looking for programmers for the Redmond campus. In fact my own team (C#) is looking for people. You can view the openings at



  6. I still see a Ferrari in the parking lot at the Las Colinas campus. Not mine but still impressive.

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