App Week followup

Scott & I finished our "Inline Version Control" add-in for the app week, and I think for a week's work we did a fairly good job. I was rather surprised and impressed with the apps other teams came up with, and we are going to know the best app in a while (the managers pick this).

We definitely want to release it to the community, but it is still hazy when we will do so. We might do this with the Beta2 release, or we might have to wait till RTM. I think for community release we definitely want to make sure the code is well organized and documented and promotes good coding practices.

This was the first time we used extreme programming in our app weeks, this was in fact the first app week designed to allow this. It was an interesting experience. What went really well was that the two of us could bounce ideas off each other all the time, and there was no integration cycle - the whole app was designed and implemented on one machine, and so we did not have to worry about changing assumptions about public interfaces. We should extend this to n developers sitting in a conference room and coding a component on a single machine with the code projected on the wall! What we really managed to avoid were silly bugs, when you have two people looking at a code, you are far less likely to call functions incorrectly and the like.

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