Five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky’s the limit

Aug 7 was my last working day at Microsoft.  I am on vacation now and will officially end my employment at MS on Aug 23.  This means that there won’t be any more Visual Studio blogs from me, unless I write one influenced by separation pangs. It has been an interesting seven years.  Not all…


End of an era for Tech humor columnists

I have been reading several websites’ coverage of Bill Gates’ announcement to step down from the Chief Software Architect role in 2008.  Most have focused on its impact on Microsoft, the technology industry, Wall Street and global health care (which stands to gain from the Gates Foundation). But there is another segment for whom the…


Code Center Premium integration into Visual Studio

Microsoft provides source access to some customers via its Code Center Premium (CCP) program.  Not many people are aware that Visual Studio 2005 has integrated CCP support. It is true!  While debugging applications in VS you can download sources for system files from the code premium website provided you have CCP access.  The prompting for…


64-bit and Visual Studio 2005

We keep receiving questions about Visual Studio 2005’s support for 64-bit.  Here is a set of factoids that should help answer the most commonly enquired issues: (a) There are two flavours of 64-bit – AMD64 or X64, and IA64.  Windows 64-bit installs on both architectures. (b) There is no 64-bit version of VS. Visual Studio…


Quality Milestone, Marriage, Star Trek and Pilchuck

It has been a while since I blogged.  One reason is that not much is going on.  Of course, at Microsoft that is a deceptive statement.  By “not much” I mean that not much immediately impacting the customer is going on.  We released VS 2005 and are starting work on the next version; however, before…


Interop followup : handling C2065 errors building C++ Exe

Hi! A customer emailed me with the feedback that my sample code with C++ Exe calling C# Dll does not build with VS 2003. I investigated; the reason is that in VS 2003 the tlb exposes the namespace in lowercase as csdll instead of CSDll. The fix for this is to update the C++ code…


Debugger Chat Thursday Dec 15

Hi! The Debugger team is having a Chat this Thursday (Dec 15) from 1:00 to 2:00 Pacific Time. If you have any problems with the debugger, this would be a great opportunity to ask questions and get live responses. The Chat homepage is Regards, D.V.  


Visual Studio 2003 stops downloading symbols from the Microsoft public symbol server

Hi! Recently, downloading symbols for microsoft shipped binaries using the Microsoft symbol server ( broke for Visual Studio 2003 users. Microsoft has disabled downloading symbols using older versions of symsrv.dll for compatibility reasons. To resolve this, you need to update the symsrv.dll on your machine with a newer version. Symsrv.dll is a component that is updated periodically,…


Source checksums and breakpoints

In VS 2003 & earlier breakpoints were bound based only on file name, so if the project system found another file with the same name we would bind the bp there. This was a source of a lot of annoyances since files like Class1.cs are everywhere, so in VS 2005 we have added support for…


How to call C++ code from Managed, and vice versa (Interop)

Interop – calling native (C++) code from managed (C#, VB, J#, MC++) and vice versa – can be very useful if you are trying to extend your libraries without porting existing code. However, it can often be confusing for a newbie to figure out how to set this up. There are several ways in which…