Theme pack for Silverlight Business Application Released!!

Last week, we released theme packs for Silverlight Application Templates along with some cool looking themes for the Silverlight Business Application. Download the refreshed Silverlight 4 themes (inlcuding RIA Services templates) here.

Notes: Courtesy of Tim

At the link above you’ll find 3 files to download:

  • README_FIRST.txt – please read this 🙂 but basically I’m writing the same thing here.
  • – this includes a folder for Expression Blend and Visual Studio templates.  The VS folder also has a sub-folder for the RIA Services templates.
  • – this is another (optional) zip that includes the resource dictionaries for each template on their own without any Silverlight project.

The three templates we released are :-


See it in action here:-


Windows 7 Theme: 

See it in action here:-


Accent Color Theme:

See it in action here:-


These application make the Silverlight Business Application Template just awesome.

Cheers and Enjoy!!

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  1. cwoodruff says:

    Looks like the links to download the theme assets and files are broken. When they get fixed I will be sure to get them into a few of my demos for my RIA Services talks. Thanks.

    Chris Woodruff

  2. Nikola Malovic says:

    Thank you very much  for the templates which are very important for us developers without a single creative bone in us 🙂

    As for the cosmpolitan theme I think you made it wrong and that you should enhance it to reflect more Zune design in preserving the vertical space

    More details about what I find wrong there can be found on my blog post…/what-is-wrong-with-cosmopolitan-theme.aspx



  3. thomas sabo earrings says:

    I find it incredible that more blogs and forums are not as pleasant as this one. Often times when I land on a website page the articles and other content is so deficient that I move on without delay. That is not the case here. Thanks so much.

  4. Alex says:

    Any chance these will ever be updated for RIA Services SP1? 🙂

  5. Fredrik Gilljam says:

    Anyone knows how to uninstall this themepacks?

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