I want my app to look like the Zune client

Update: You can download the template from here. Earlier I had posted about the theme pack for the Silverlight Business Application and amongst them was the Cosmopolitan template. The cosmopolitan theme is inspired by the Metro theme which was first seen in the the Zune Client.   Since then, there have been many variations of…


Monitoring a domain service with Windows Server AppFabric dashboard

At Teched 2010, we announced the RTM of Windows Server AppFabric. I am sure most of you are wondering what Windows Server AppFabric is? So, What is Windows Server AppFabric? Windows Server AppFabric is a set of integrated technologies that make it easier to build, scale and manage Web and composite applications that run on…


Theme pack for Silverlight Business Application Released!!

Last week, we released theme packs for Silverlight Application Templates along with some cool looking themes for the Silverlight Business Application. Download the refreshed Silverlight 4 themes (inlcuding RIA Services templates) here. Notes: Courtesy of Tim At the link above you’ll find 3 files to download: README_FIRST.txt – please read this 🙂 but basically I’m…


Web 307: Effective RIA Demo Code

As promised, I am uploading the source code for the demo. Please keep in mind, there are some places where I have not followed best practices, I will follow up with a post after finishing and cleaning up the application. I have had a bunch of folks ask about the source code, so I wanted…


TechEd 2010: The Big Easy

It’s been a great week at TechEd North America 2010 in New Orleans. There is a very good reason why they call it the Big Easy and now I know:) I was really surprised to see the number of folks that came out there and really glad to see the response RIA Services got ….