RIA Services Release Candidate 2…

Last Thursday, we released our RC2 build of RIA Services. You can download all the latest bits from http://silverlight.net/riaservices

These set of bits are compatible with Silverlight 4 RTM and Visual Studio 2010 RTM. I am sure most of you are wondering, why not RTW RIA Services already. Trust me, we would love to release this baby as soon as possible, we are pretty much done. However, we have dependencies on other components. We just need to do the extra bit of testing against these bits to ensure things work fine.

Last week I got to attend DevConnections and was on Channel 9 talking about RIA Services. You can watch it here Watch Ch9 Live on demand!. My RIA Services segment is at the 2hr and 15 min mark. I talk about our dependencies. Also, be sure to check out the RIA Services book club app in the Silverlight 4 launch keynote. Watch the keynote on demand!

I know most of you have been asking what new in this version of RIA Services. As the name suggests this is a Release Candidate 2 and there aren’t any new features. However, this release has tons of bug fixes and community reported issues. Here are some of the the changes (some taken from Dinesh’s Post):-

  1. Update of nullable members set to default value are now handled correctly

  2. Drag-drop enhancements: Images are bound one-way by default, ValidateOnException added.

  3. RIA Services framework now has built in ETW traces

  4. Domain Service Wizard now picks up changes in the Data Model.

  5. Toolkit: ASP.net dynamic data template

  6. Toolkit: WCF In-memory tracing support is available, making it easier to troubleshoot failure in shared hosting scenario. (See Tomek’s blog on usage)

  7. Toolkit: WCF client proxy auto generation/updating for WCF Core Service – This enables you to get up-to-date WCF proxy and configuration each time you build your solution, when you add Silverlight-enable WCF service in your Silverlight application.

  8. Other bug fixes

We would love to hear your feedback so be sure to get back to us via forums, twitter etc.


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  1. nappisite says:

    Is WCF Ria Service getting out of Beta for Silverlight 3/VS 2008?

  2. Charlie J. Biggs says:

    Silverlight 4 RTM and WCF RIA Services RC 2 have been released now.   Have the issue with passing in a collection to a Query or Invoke Operation been resolved yet?  If not, will it be fixed in WCF RIA Services 1.0 RTM?  The msdn state that the Invoke support "any" as a parameter.  If I can’t pass in a Collection of Custom Types, what is the true definition of "any" in the case of the Invoke Operation?


    Charlie J.

  3. @Nappisite –  The SL3 and the VS 2008 version from PDC 09 will be the last version of RIA Services targetting those platforms.

    @Charlie – Could you elaborate more on what you mean collection of custom types. Is the custom type exposed as an entity.

  4. nicolas says:

    Hi Deepesh ,

    When I add a json endpoint in the web.config,and then test the domain service as json format, there is a warnng:

    ‘Endpoint not found.’

    Do you know what’s the problem here ?


  5. @Nicolas – i ran into a similar issue here. What happens when you add a "/" at the end of the uri?

  6. Nicolas says:

    Hi Deepesh,

    I tried to add a "/" at the end of the uri,nothing happen except the warning information :’Endporint not found’..


  7. Did you add the reference to the dll from the toolkit. Could you try that out . also could you send me an email. Its available on the blog.


  8. Tobi says:

    Hi Deepesh,

    Will the RTM be compatiable with both VS2008 and VS2010 side by side?

    It’s a pain at the moment because they don’t play nice together whereas the whole frameworks and dev studios are side by side.



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